The Half Full Glass?

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    Judul: The Half Full Glass?

    Penulis: Wismoyo Bimantara, Amanda Novera Sari, M. Gerhan Lantara, Silvia Marta Wijaya, Abdigusti Rachman Maulana, [dan 11 lainnya] ISBN: –
    Halaman: 147 hlm
    Cover: Soft Cover
    Ukuran: 14 x 20 cm
    Berat: 200 gr

    This second part of “Diverse Lenses of Pasar Bambu Kuning” Anthology of Short Stories concerns more on the bitter sweet of love: romantic love, unconditional love, love from the first sight, and extraordinary love inspired by a market called Pasar Bambu Kuning. Those stories are fiction. The events and the characters do not all represent the real situation of the market. These are the result of creative thinking of the authors imagining themselves living and doing interaction with the people inside. Written by Indonesian young authors mostly living in Bandarlampung, The title of “Half Full Glass?” is a metaphor on how characters in the story mostly don’t have the full portion of love from their circles. Enjoy the story.


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